Knitted Uteruses Could End Ridiculous Battle Over Birth Control (VIDEO)

knitted uterusEver since birth control became a hot topic of debate, women everywhere have been feeling like they're living in a different universe. (Or at least a different century.) Since the Rush Limbaugh-Sandra Fluke debacle, the national conversation on the topic has sort of simmered down, but in Arizona -- home of extreme politics, it seems -- the battle rages on.

There's a proposal there threatening birth control coverage (you know, on the grounds that employers have "moral" objections to it) and potentially require women who need birth control for a medical reason outside of contraception provide evidence of that. So, in an attempt to fight crazy with silly, critics of the proposal pulled a hilarious stunt ...


They sent 32 Republican state lawmakers a "personalized gift": A fuzzy, knitted uterus with googly eyes! Amaaaaazing!

I have heard of vulva puppets -- usually used for educational purposes -- but whoever dreamed up this sweet novel idea of sending a fuzzy, knitted uterus with eyes to state politicians to make a statement is beyond genius! I could see it becoming a successful business venture, can't you? Cuddly Uteruses, Inc. Etsy store, here these protesters come!

Because, really, we can't just stop at Arizona legislators. Apparently, Rick Perry will be receiving similar handmade uteruses from Texan ladies later this month! Woot! But we must go further. Rick Santorum, Rush Limbaugh, Mitt Romney, all those uptight white guys on the right need to have one of these babies delivered to their door STAT!

After all, it's the perfect way to protest an argument so antiquated, so out-to-lunch. Cute, cuddly, adorable uteruses send a witty and clear message to these politicians that if we knit them uteruses, they better stay out of ours! It's time for them to back off of our reproductive health once and for all.

Here's a news report on a woman who has been knitting uteruses for Congress ...


How awesome are these fuzzy uteruses?! Do you think they are an effective way to protest these controversial birth control bills?


Image via ilovebutter/Flickr

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