New Evidence in Susan Powell Disappearance Brings Hope for Answers

When Josh Powell killed his two young sons in a vicious and tragic murder-suicide last February, it seemed the parents of Susan Powell, Josh Powell's missing wife and the boys' mother, was going to go unsolved. Though suspicion had long been on Powell's shoulders for the murder, he had not been formally charged with murder and, with him dead, there was little to go on. 

But now it seems his father may know something more than he let on. In fact, new details may hopefully provide Susan's parents with the answers they so deserve.

It seems that the elder Powell (Steven) -- the man who claimed he and Susan Powell had a sexual connection -- called in sick the day she disappeared.


As the only ones still living after this tragedy unfolded, it might be "good" news if Steven Powell knows something. At least Powell's grieving parents who have now lost their grandsons and their daughter can get some answers.

On the day Susan Powell went missing, Josh Powell called his father, someone Susan Powell was said to hate and fear, at 12:19 p.m. Soon after, the elder Powell called in sick.

It isn't a smoking gun, but given all the evidence that came from unsealed documents in the case, it's hard to believe Josh Powell was never charged. There was the blood evidence found at the home that was Susan's. There was also a letter Susan wrote and placed in a safe-deposit box in which she said that Josh Powell had "threatened to destroy her if they get divorced" and that, if she were to die, "it may not be accident, even if it looks like one."

In addition, a friend said that Susan Powell got very sleepy after eating a meal prepared for her by her husband the night she disappeared.

It's all so fishy, even prosecutors in Washington State have started to question why Josh Powell was never charged in Utah. With his death, it may have seemed Susan's parents would never get answers.

But Steven Powell may be the key. And since he is still alive, we can only hope that someone, somewhere will be able to get him to talk and maybe bring Susan's family some measure of peace.

Do you wonder why Josh Powell was never charged?


Image via Tony Webster/Flickr

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