'Texts From Hillary' Proves Nobody's Cooler Than Mrs. Clinton (PHOTOS)

texts from hillaryAs if there was any doubt Hillary Clinton was a total rock star. That epic shot of our Secretary of State in her don't-mess-with-me shades has spawned its very own Tumblr, Texts From Hillary, and it's pretty much the best thing that's ever happened to the Internet. For realz.

Thank Stacy Lambe, the site's founder, for jumpin' on the trend: "My friend and I were laughing about the picture of Hillary with the BlackBerry becoming so popular and thought it should be turned into a meme," he says.

"So I ran home and made sure the URL wasn't taken and started posting. Mind you, this was all at the bar while having a few drinks. But hey when you hang out with Tumblr friends -- these are the type things you discuss."

Lambe also says he's a "huge fan of Hillary" and the site is "meant as a compliment."

Every post is awesome -- but here are a few of our faves:



Ha! Good luck getting those glasses back, Condi ...

texts from hillary

Sarah Palin, don't even trip!

texts from hillary

Oh Weiner ... are you ever barking up the wrong tree.

texts from hillary

What would you text to Hillary Clinton?


Images via Texts From Hillary

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