Cafe Boss Shows Up Naked to Job Applicants' Interviews

barista making espressoIn the pilot of Smash, small town transplant Karen gets a text from sexy Broadway director Derek -- to come to his apartment post-audition. For some reason, she thinks nothing of it. Uh ... hello, how is texting okay in a professional situation? Seems to me it's almost always a guaranteed track to Sketchtown. Just take what happened in the U.K. recently ...

Cafe boss Dave Richards was interviewing for a barista position at Rioco restaurant and texted three women -- one in her 30s, a 16-year-old, and a 15-year-old -- to come in to interview on separate occasions. And when each showed up, Richards was standing in his office completely NAKED!!! AGH!


In court, it came out that Richards pretended he was getting dressed and attempted to conduct the interviews, but in each case, the women turned on their heels and got the hell out of there, thank goodness!

Eww, seriously, what the ... ? Did this guy graduate from the American Apparel School of Business?!

Richards pleaded guilty to three charges of indecent exposure in court and he had to add his name to the sex offenders' register. He could end up in the clinker for up to two years if probation officers decide he's a real threat to other women. Glad it sounds like law enforcement is on the ball here.

Although this is the kind of story that makes you laugh at first, imagine being one of those young women going in for an interview. YOW! If it were me, I would be traumatized! These poor job applicants' reaction wasn't too far off from that. The judge in the case criticized Richards for putting his victims through months of anxiety. Awful. Hopefully he pays for this creepazoid stunt.

Do you think this guy deserves the maximum punishment for indecent exposure?

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