Serial Killer Who Bragged About Killing Kids Can't Be Executed Fast Enough

David GoreFeeling conflicted about the death penalty? Then David Alan Gore won't make you feel much better. The convicted serial killer is on a fast train to execution right now, and it's his own fault.

He's spent the last five years writing letters (now published in a book) bragging about how he raped and killed four teenagers and two adult women some 30 years ago in Florida. Bragging!? Now people, I am about as liberal as they come. I have let my gay male buddy take my then-toddler daughter into a bathroom alone. I have friends who have had abortions, and I don't judge them one bit.

By that rubric, I'm supposed to hate the death penalty. But when it comes to David Alan Gore, I have three words for you.


Kill the bastard.

Yeah. That's right. You read that right. Liberal blogger me has admitted she's OK with Republican Governor Rick Scott's decision to sign off on Gore's death warrant and send him to be killed by the state on April 12. Do not pass go, do not go to jail (well, OK, he's already there), do not get some last minute reprieve from a judge.

You'll have to forgive me. I just read that a man thinks that killing innocent children is something to brag about. Some would say my flip flop on the death penalty in this case makes me a bad person. I'd say it makes me human to feel for the kids first.

It's a marker of just how far society has fallen in the hottest movie of the moment, The Hunger Games, that the people sacrificed for sport are kids, sent to fight to their death while people place bets. Protecting our kids is a cornerstone of our society, it's a sign that there is still hope and good in this world.

So go ahead, say we're better than David Alan Gore, that we should rise above. I want to. I know I should. But today, I just can't.

How about you? What do you think should happen to a man who brags about killing and raping children?

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