Snakes on a Plane Becomes Hysterical Reality for Australian Pilot

snakes on a planeWho needs Samuel L. Jackson when you have Braden Blennerhassett? The 26-year-old pilot was flying a plane from Darwin, Australia to Peppimenarti when things took an unexpected, if not entirely wild turn. After discovering that he and his crew weren't alone on the plane, he called air traffic control and said, "Look, you're not going to believe this. I've got snakes on a plane." Apparently, there were some mother trucking snakes on his mother trucking plane and Blennerhassett was not going to tolerate the unwanted stowaways, especially since one was crawling down his leg. Aw, hell no.


No automatic weapons were needed to get the snakes off the plane, just a good old-fashioned mayday call and an emergency landing. On the ground, firefighters found that there were more than just snakes on the plane, there was a tree frog, too. But before wildlife rescuers could get to the scene, the snakes, and the frog, disappeared.

The reptiles are currently still at large. The owner of the aircraft told ABC Nine News that he'd never heard of snakes on a plane, but he has heard of crocodiles accidentally invading aircraft.

Crocodiles? He's heard of crocodiles getting loose on planes? That's a thing? I don't know about you, but I would much rather have a green garden snake slither up and down the tight aisles than a 90-pound croc out for blood. How could you escape his jaws? I guess you'd have to hide yourself in one of the overhead bins. Or stand on top of the snack cart? Mmm. Free Cokes.

I think we just stumbled upon the plot line for a sequel.

Can you believe this happened in real life?


Photo via motnworb/Flickr

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