John McCain Pushes Sarah Palin Off on the Next GOP Sucker

john mccainJohn McCain, man, I tell you. It's one step forward, two steps back with that guy. The Senator told CBS This Morning that Rick Santorum should make a "graceful exit" from the GOP campaign after Mitt Romney took home Wisconsin, Maryland, and D.C., and I'm on board with that, mostly. Santorum should not only pull out of the race, he should go hide under a rock somewhere never to resurface again. Even though McCain didn't go that far, I agree with what he's saying -- we should say buh-bye to Ricky S. But unfortunately, that might be the only thing McCain and I agree on.

When asked who he thought should be Romney's Vice Presidential candidate, McCain said Sarah Palin. I mean, I can't EVEN you guys. You see what I mean, though, with McCain? One step forward, two steps back.


I'm having a hard time understanding why he'd recommend Sarah Palin for the job. Is it because he doesn't want to be the only one who made that mistake? Is it because misery loves company and he wants Mitt to suffer as he has? Is it because he owes Sarah some sort of favor? I don't get it.

After McCain said he thinks Sarah should be Veep, he went on to list a few other qualified Republicans we wouldn't mind taking residence on Observatory Circle. He likes Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida and Govs. Mitch Daniels of Indiana, Chris Christie of New Jersey, and Bobby Jindal of Louisiana.

I'm apt to believe any of those guys would be better at the job than Sarah Palin, or Joe Biden for that matter (he gives me the serious creeps). As long as McCain's willing to acknowledge that there are other people that might fit the bill, I'm willing to let that Sarah Palin thing slide.

But really -- he wants S.P. to be V.P. so he can commiserate with Mitt, right? That has to be it. 

Who do you think should be Romney's running mate?


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