Office IT Guy Pees on Hot Co-Workers' Chairs Like a Good Dog

If you thought you had gross co-workers, wait until you hear this: Raymond Foley, a 59-year-old man in Iowa, was caught peeing on his co-workers' office chairs. As if that weren't disgusting enough, he seemed to consider it a compliment as the women he targeted were all "attractive."

Well, then color me flattered! Am I right or am I right?

Seriously, this is a co-worker horror story you never expect to hear, right? I mean, one expects bitter bosses, angry emails, and an HR report every now and again. But pee? Pee is kind of new. Except it's not.


Personally, I think it's the office's fault. I work from home and at home, I sit on my kitchen chair at my desk. It's hard and wooden. If someone peed on it, I would know. See, that was the first mistake the office made. Soft, cushy chairs are just inviting people to pee, no?

This man worked at the Farm Bureau and has been charged with "criminal mischief," but to the women who sat in this dude's urine, I am guessing it felt less like "mischief" and more like a huge violation. But that's just me.

Whatever compels men to do this kind of thing, I can't even imagine. Maybe they're more like dogs than we think. After all, my dog is big on peeing on things he wants to claim as his own, like my kid's carpet and the cat's litter box.

Consider the evidence: Gérard Depardieu peed on the carpet of an Air France plane. Naturally. This is a totally normal thing, right? He always wanted an Air France plane, but why pay for it when you can just pee on it? I think I speak for all of Air France when I say, baby, you can have this tainted plane. Then there was the disgusting man who poured pee into the workplace coffee. Let's face it, Foley is practically normal, right?

If I were these women, I would be horrified and disgusted. But at least he was caught. Now these ladies need to see about workman's compensation covering new pants and skirts.

Why do you think someone would do this?


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