Texas Tornadoes Will Make Your Hair Stand on End (VIDEOS)

tornadoYou know how everything's bigger in Texas? Well, that goes for their tornadoes. Holy heck, watching the tornadoes that blasted their way outside Dallas yesterday made my toes curl! And the most amazing news of all -- so far no deaths have been reported, thank goodness.

Anyway, you have to see this storm. It's like the finger of God is striking the Earth. But that didn't scare folks from filming it anyway. Storm chasers were still outside, filming these monster tornadoes.


This one is just plain terrifying. See the tornado tear apart trailers and throw them all over the place. Warning: Turn down your speakers because there's a loud noise from the helicopter.

You can see how big this thing is in this video. Good lord, I'm so glad I'm not these filmmakers' mother. RUN you crazy kids!!!

And in this one we see some of the devastation wreaked by the tornadoes. My heart goes out to the families whose homes were destroyed.

ABC News gets a closer look at some of the damage, plus more footage from the storm.

Have you ever been near a tornado this big?


Image via TornadoTitans/YouTube

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