Battle of the Budgets: Barack Obama vs. Paul Ryan

paul ryanAfter President Obama’s budget didn’t get a single vote in the House of Representatives last week, you’d think that he’d get to work on coming up with something that wouldn’t get voted down by even Nancy Pelosi, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and the guy that thinks Guam is going to tip over.

Instead, the President took to the airwaves today to lambast Congressman Paul Ryan’s ‘Path to Prosperity’ budget, which passed the House several days ago by a count of 228-191. Ryan’s plan slashes trillions in spending over the coming decades, lowers deficits, and reforms Medicare.


President Obama called the Republican budget a “Trojan horse,” and “thinly veiled social Darwinism.” Whatever that means. Does that refer to a small, elite group of people making rules for the masses, for the greater good of all, rather than letting individuals make their own choices and accept the outcomes of those choices? Because I totally thought the Democrats owned the market on that, not the GOP.

Seriously. The guy that couldn’t get a single liberal Democrat to vote in favor of his budget has the gall to attack Republicans for supposedly wanting to kill prosperity because they want to cut out some wasteful spending.  No wonder his economic approval ratings are in the tank.

The government spends way too much of our money on crap. Or they literally throw it away. Remember Solyndra? They got more than 500 million dollars to develop green technology. Then they declared bankruptcy, cited a loophole in order to not have to pay the government back, and then they threw the solar panels away in the trash. Solar Trust for America got four times that amount from the Department of Energy. They just declared bankruptcy.

Heck, Obama’s top cost-cutting official, the head of the General Services Administration, was caught spending our money on a lavish Las Vegas vacation that included $3,200 for a mind reader. What the heck? That’s not cutting costs, that’s spending irresponsibly.

I know President Obama doesn’t think there’s any room for cuts in the budget, and Joe Biden will tell you that Republicans want to kill firefighters and policemen, but that’s so far from the truth that it’s laughable if anyone believes them. If the Obama administration can’t figure out where to cut corners, I recommend they take a look this video from Chuck Woolery. That dude managed to cut $1.5 trillion of wasteful spending over the next ten years, and he didn’t even have to sacrifice the albino squirrel sanctuaries.

We all have to spend within our means. The government should too.


Image via Medill DC/Flickr

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