5 Ways the Flying Car Will Make Life Awesome (VIDEO)

flying carHold onto your hats, people (Hats! Hold!), for the Dutch have just delivered the ultimate future machine: They have made a flying car. Yup, it's safe and legal on roads all over the world, it flies, and it looks like something 007 would drive. It's that sleek and stylish.

I will take two, thank you. What? They're not available yet? That's too bad, because I can think of a bunch of different ways the flying car would be useful in my life.


First of all, the obvious. How many times have I been stuck in traffic and just wished I could up and helicopter my way out of that mess? Pretty much every time I try to leave New York City by road instead of train. Of course, I could just take the train. But that does not sound nearly as much fun as whirling away in my flying car!

Taxi for women in labor. Yes, really. I took the subway to the hospital when I was in labor with my son because I thought the bumpy ride (thanks to the potholes all over Brooklyn) would be horribly uncomfortable. But this would have been way cooler. Hmm, I wonder if Beyonce took a helicopter to deliver Blue ...

Finding parking. Clearly this is not an emergency, but think about all the time and gas you could save by NOT driving around forever looking for a parking space (this is a city problem -- I know most of you have driveways). You could just pop up, scan the neighborhood, and zero in on that one space.

Star Wars: Phantom Menace role playing. Pretend you live on Coruscant and can just zoom around in your little flying pod thingy! Just don't make that Jar Jar Binks voice.

Get there on time. I am always late. Always, always, always. But if I had one of these, I would never be late again for anything, I swear. You don't believe me?

Of course, none of this would work if everybody had a flying car. But we're not there yet. All I have to do is come up with $270,000, which I'm sure I have in quarters right here behind the sofa cushions somewhere.

What would you do with a flying car?


Image via PalVco/YouTube

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