Oakland School Shooting Suspect Could Not Have Been Stopped (VIDEO)

When a tragedy like yesterday's shooting at Oikos University, a small Christian university in Oakland, California, happens, we all want answers. Seven people are dead and three more are injured. The suspect, 43-year-old former student One L. Goh, surrendered about an hour after the shootings and is now in custody. What a tragedy. What a waste. What an awful, unimaginable crime.

But why? Why did Goh allegedly do it?

The answers are, perhaps, even scarier than we realize. The New York Times reports that Goh was unhappy with the way he was treated at the school and that he lined specific people up and shot them execution style. Despicable. Tragic. But it gets worse.


Reports say he was angry with the administration of the school and had perhaps been treated poorly in some way by the other students. He was also asked to leave the school because of behavioral issues.

So, he was angry. We understand that. Maybe he was even bullied. And our first instinct is to feel for the bully and make some kind of proclamation about treating people well and being careful about not hurting anyone, even those who seem to have issues (or maybe especially those who do). But maybe there is no lesson here at all.

Maybe the terrifying truth is that this was a person who was going to carry out this awful thing no matter what happened. He was mentally ill, clearly. But it's more than that, too.

The way he allegedly shot people, so calculated and cold, is especially frightening. It's one thing to shoot at random, but he had a plan and he executed it with chilling precision.

He knew he wanted to kill, not maim or injure or scare. In a tragedy so huge and awful, there are so many pieces that will make us grieve and fear. But the fact that there are people like this in the world who we could set off by doing nothing more than ignoring is scariest at all.

These people likely did nothing wrong. They could be any of us.

See below:

Does this scare you, too?


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