Oakland School Shooting Was Tragically Not 'Unprecedented' (VIDEO)

oakland school shootingIt seems surreal to be typing the words "school shooting" yet again, but tragically, yet another deadly school shooting has occurred -- this time at a small Christian university in California. The suspect has already been identified: According to Police Chief Howard Jordan, 43-year-old former student One L. Goh surrendered about an hour after opening fire at Oikos University in Oakland and is now in custody.

At least seven people are dead, with another three wounded. A motive has yet to be found.

Police Chief Jordan called the event an "unprecedented tragedy." "Shocking and senseless," he said. 

Shocking and senseless, indeed. But an unprecedented tragedy? Sadly, only the "tragedy" part is accurate.


Consider the past couple of months: First there was the fatal high school shooting in Chardon. Then the Jewish school shooting in France.

Let's face it: The school shooting "precedent" was set years ago in Columbine. (Let's not forget Virginia Tech.)

When, when, when are we going to figure this out?!?!? Why do school shootings keep happening?

There's enough tragedy in the world without this particularly horrific crime.

Why do you think school shootings keep happening?

Image via CBS News

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