Sarah Palin's 'Today' Show Appearance Is Already a Joke (VIDEO)

sarah palin on the today showYou're probably well aware by now that Sarah Palin has been tapped to make a guest appearance as a co-host with Ann Curry and Matt Lauer on the Today show tomorrow a.m. WHY?! Well, Meredith Vieira has a snarky theory. (And this is not just hearsay, people!) The Today icon spoke with Palin today when she called the show and thanked NBC for showing "boldness" in its decision to have her on, you know, because it goes against them looking like regular, ol' "lamestream media." Sarah also gushed that it showed NBC possesses a "diversity of opinion." Meredith's reaction? "... or desperation."

HA! How in-your-face amazing is that?! Because, really, let's be honest: For what other reason would NBC have Sarah on? 


What does she actually have to contribute to the conversation? It's such a complete ratings stunt. Especially to put her up against her "nemesis" Katie Couric. (Gotta love when old white men decide to pit two women against one another, thinking that's somehow the epitome of must-watch TV.)

Thankfully, the ludicrous nature of Sarah's appearance didn't go unnoticed by Matt Lauer either. When he chatted with Sarah this morning along with Mere, Lauer asked the Grizzly Mom point blank if she was reading newspapers to prepare for her appearance -- a joke that brought to memory the airheaded response Palin gave when she was running for, oh, you know, just the office of the vice-president of the United States! Sarah was a good sport, replying, "That's a fine how do you do. That's a great start. Here we go!"

Too bad she doesn't realize that these passive-aggressive jabs had a lot of power behind them. Clearly, Mere and Matt aren't fans of Palin and felt it necessary to put her in her place. I'm really impressed by how bold they were, actually, to bash the decision-making from the top. But you know, whoever made the call to invite Palin on totally deserves it.

Here's the clip of her call on the show today ...

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Love Meredith and Matt's snarky remarks? Or are you cheering Sarah Palin on?

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