A Strong Economy Is What Our Children Need

checkI was having a conversation yesterday at my kids' lacrosse games with someone and it got me thinking about the middle of the political spectrum right now and what it means to be a moderate Republican. To me, it means you're tired of all the fighting over social issues but you're looking for a fiscal conservative to go clean things up in Washington, for the sake of generations to come. I was only half kidding when I said if you were a social liberal who wasn't a fiscal conservative, you'd be a Democrat.


When you look at how much money our government is borrowing just to keep things running or about the fact that we can no longer afford to fund quality public schools, something is wrong. Add to that the fact that the government is using its dollars to reinvent the private sector. The government needs to get its own fiscal house in order so we can get back to providing the basic support Americans need from their leaders. 

Americans can see that even though there has been a slight uptick in the economy, we are still saddled by some extraordinary dysfunction in our nation's fiscal health. The Republicans aren't making up that Social Security is running out or that more than half of the money in our budget is borrowed from other countries.

Some videos having to do with America's National Debt and Our Children's Future landed in my inbox today to my great delight. What a great idea to have kids do the talking. It puts the focus exactly where it needs to be -- on our children.

Take a look as one little girl talks about the fact that the Congressional Budget Office expects the deficit to quadruple in the next 25 years, which could mean a deficit of 120 trillion dollars. What? Or listen as one little guy talks about the fact that Americans spend more than 17 other countries on healthcare but have the same health outcomes? Hmmm. 

Yes, it's a little cheeky to put kids out there like this. But, they're right! Numbers don't lie. And the bottom line for voters, especially moderates in the 2010 election, is going to be the bottom line.

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