I Want My Kids to Live in a Country Where They Can Shoot for the Moon

full moonThe most important election issue this cycle with regard to my children is the economy. While working on the Clinton campaign in 1992, political consultant James Carville famously said, “It’s the economy, stupid!” Twenty years later, I have to agree with the man.

Unemployment is still uncharacteristically high, no matter what the expert economists want to say about the decrease in unemployment numbers. It’s easy to say that the unemployment is going down when people stop looking for work altogether. The dirty little secret is that the unemployment rate only includes those people actively looking for work, not the hundreds of thousands of individuals that have given up altogether. 


The economy is above any other issue that a candidate could take up, because without a robust economy, our country ceases to exist. The American dream is to be able to come from anywhere to become anything that you dream. With a little hard work and endless amounts of perseverance, parents have been able to dream big for their kids, and kids have been able to shoot for the moon.

A strong economy protects our kids unlike anything else. First and foremost, we need a strong national defense. It really doesn’t matter what the government provides for its citizens if the nation can’t protect itself from attacks. The number one thing about survival is the ability to stay alive (I know, it sounded redundant to me too), and if we can’t defend ourselves from those that would try to destroy us, we can kiss everything else goodbye.

We’ve seen from history that prosperous nations never result from punishing people that do well economically by taxing and regulating them so much that it prohibits citizens from doing business. Look at the companies that have been forced to downsize thanks to Obamacare. Or the ones that have gone bankrupt due to our president’s drilling moratorium in the gulf.

Government overregulation doesn’t work -- it never has, and it never will. The single most important thing to me this election cycle is to elect someone that will help put the government in check, and let America get back to work. I want my kids to be able to dream big; but more than that, I want them to have the opportunity to achieve those dreams.

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