George Zimmerman's Family Bullies Just Like He Does (VIDEO)

zimmerman walks awayIs it me, or is the Zimmerman family pulling out all the Jedi mind tricks they can to distract us from the flood of damning details about the tragic Trayvon Martin killing? George claims he was attacked. His father, Robert Zimmerman, told FOXorlando that Trayvon told George, "You're gonna die tonight, you're gonna die now." George's brother, Robert Jr., gave an interview repeating the story. 

And there's this humdinger of a whine from Robert Zimmerman: "I never foresaw so much hate coming from the President ..." Seriously, this is the "hateful" statement we're talking about?

Clearly, the Zimmerman family is scrambling to save George from prosecution. But it's still a disgusting spectacle. And painting George as the "real" victim is especially cruel to Trayvon's family.


Robert's attack on President Obama (really, you're gonna drag the president into this mess?!?) practically came out of thin air. The reporter didn't ask him what he thought of Obama's statement. She just asked how the family is doing -- and his response was basically "boo hoo, the president was so mean to us!" 

Memo to Robert: 1. You should expect some strong emotions from the public when your son shoots and kills an unarmed boy. 2. Since when is someone expressing sorrow over a dead boy "hateful"? President Obama didn't even mention your son! He just thinks we need to look into what happened. Because! An unarmed child died! 

Don't even get me started on Robert claiming this has been harder than what he went through in Vietnam. It dishonors all of our vets for him to play it that way.

I'm with commentator Jonathan Capehart when he says this is all just deflection from the evidence by the Zimmerman family. But if Jonathan is afraid that it might work, I'm skeptical. I don't want to believe we're stupid enough to be fooled by Zimmerman's tactics. And I won't be convinced of their story until it all plays out in a court of law. Which should be happening one of these days, right? Oh yeah, Zimmerman still hasn't been charged.

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Do you think the Zimmerman family's PR strategy is disturbing or inappropriate?


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