Gutsy School Bus Driver Outrunning Tornado Is a Heartstopper (VIDEO)

school busBig yellow school buses represent a lot of things to me. The first day of school. Finally being cool enough to sit in the back with the "big kids." Learning naughty words (and the proper way to use them). But you'll forgive me if I never thought "school bus" and "ability to outrun a tornado."

One of those big, bulky behemoths designed to cart a bunch of yelling kids around? For real? Yes, folks, for real. A school bus driver outran a tornado in Indiana by putting her pedal to the metal and just going for it. Let me repeat that. Angel Perry outran a TORNADO to save her life and the lives of all the kids on that bus.


A tornado. As in a twister. As in one of those violent rotating columns of air that pick up houses like they're toothpicks. I think my mind might be spinning as fast as the wind in Henryville, Indiana that day! I consider myself a safe driver, but I get rattled when a big-wheeler blows by me on the highway. That's got nothing on the wind of a violent killer storm. That would stop my heart!

Just imagine it. Angel Perry didn't have a Ferrari or even a Pontiac. She had a big, bulky bus. The kind that makes you think "slow and steady." And she had to get all 36,000 pounds of it, plus almost a dozen kids, back to the school, which was three miles away, before the tornado picked them up and smashed them to smithereens. It's like Sandra Bullock in Speed but without sexy Keanu and without the ability to just stop filming at the end of the day because it's all fake, there is no bomb, and everyone will be just fine.

I don't think they teach you that when you go to driving school. Even if bus drivers get training for handling a vehicle that large, they don't get "handling a vehicle that large at the speed it takes to outrun a tornado" training.

And the amazing thing is, Perry did it. She got all those kids off the bus and into the school building with three minutes to spare before the now-empty bus was picked up, flown across the road, and smashed into a diner. Check out the video of that thing in action:

So, what do you think? Will you ever look at a school bus or a school bus driver the same way ever again? Me neither!

What memories do the words "school bus" bring to mind for you?


Image via wheany/Flickr

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