Ignorant Condo Board Bullies Woman for Religious Beliefs (VIDEO)

You would thmezuzah ink that in this country in the year 2012 (in the Northeast especially!), the idea that people could be so ignorant and anti-Semitic would be unheard of. But that's sadly not the case. An international musician named Barbara Cadranel, who resides in Stratford, Connecticut, is being fined $50 a day by the board of her condo complex and ostracized by neighbors for displaying a mezuzah (a Jewish prayer scroll in a tiny case, as pictured) on her doorpost.

Jewish law commands that Jews affix a mezuzah to their door frame in exactly the same way Cadranel has hers displayed, to protect the home. The extremely discreet religious symbol is a given at the entrance of a Jewish household. To tell someone who is Jewish that it must be removed is basically the equivalent of an eviction notice, as the Anti-Defamation League spokesperson who is assisting in the case noted to the local news. In other words, this fiasco sounds like a completely obvious, vile case of anti-Semitism.


In case you're not familiar, here's a pic of what the unassuming mezuzah looks like in Cadranel's (and most Jewish homes') door frame ...

cadranel mezuzah

Throughout the condo complex, other residents have Easter displays on their doors. One resident even has a cross displayed on their door. The condo complex says that's okay, but Cadranel's mezuzah is a problem, because it is affixed to a "common area" (her door frame!). But speaking of common areas ... a local news report showed that Easter displays have been set up in the hallways and even in front of the condo building.

A resident who has an Easter display on her door says she's in favor of Cadranel having to take down her mezuzah, because "everybody has different religious and if we all start to put things (up), it looks unsightly." Wow ... really?! Talk about a load of completely out-to-lunch hypocrisy!

It's obvious that this poor woman is basically being bullied, made to feel uncomfortable and out of place among her neighbors. Cadranel says she doesn't even feel like she can go get her mail when others do. Hello, religious persecution!

I personally wouldn't want to spend another minute in this building if I were Cadranel, but it's not right for anyone to just roll over and be forced out of their home because a condo board and neighbors are so incredibly ignorant. Thankfully, the local chapter of ADL is actively involved, and there may be a lawsuit. I have faith that the law will show Cadranel to be in the right, and she will get the last word.

Here's the local news report on the upsetting situation ...


How insane is this?!


Images via nbcconnecticut.com

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