Mom Melissa Jenkins Took All the Right Safety Precautions, So Why Is She Dead?

Murder victim Melissa Jenkins did all the right things last Sunday night when she allegedly left her home to help two people she knew with their "car trouble." She phoned a friend and gave him all her information; she followed her gut instinct and made sure people knew where she was. And she still got killed. 

Her former plow driver has confessed to strangling the 33-year-old single mom after he called her with fake car trouble in an attempt to "get a girl." The details are sickening. The friend she had called came looking for when he hadn't heard back two hours later and found her 2-year-old son all alone in her idling car.

He was asleep, but some of what he told police led them to believe he witnessed his mother's death. It's a sick, sick tragedy, made all the worse by the utter senselessness and the idea that she THOUGHT she was doing a good thing.


We hear news stories all the time that scare us, but there is usually something a person did that we can swear up and down that WE would never do. It's like the person in the horror movie who walks into the dark basement where the killer is obviously hiding. WE would never be so "dumb"; therefore, we are safe.

This case isn't like that. Jenkins was, by all accounts, an incredibly loving and good person who adored her son and was a gifted science teacher who had a way with struggling kids. She was the kind of person who WOULD go help a stranded motorist even if he had made her a little uncomfortable in the past by asking her out on a date.

She even followed her instinct and let someone know where she was going. So what is the life lesson here? Are we supposed to never help people? Should she have said no or said to call AAA?

Maybe. But she lives in a small town and we SHOULD be able to trust people, especially people we know. How could she have possibly anticipated how dangerous this would be?

The way this happened is chilling. It shows us that no one is safe no matter how well known they are, how small their town, or how big-hearted they might be.

When something this random and scary happens, it does make a person question faith and justice because this poor woman did everything right and now her son is motherless and her students don't have her.

What a tremendous tragedy and waste.

Does this story make you wonder how you would have handled this?


Image via dicktay2000/Flickr

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