Spike Lee 'Did the Right Thing' by Exposing the Reality of Racism (VIDEO)

spike leeSpike Lee apologized. He apologized, okay? Spike Lee apologized ro David and Elaine McClain, the 70-year-old couple whose home address he mistakenly retweeted as George Michael Zimmerman's place of residence. In a follow-up tweet, he wrote:

I Deeply Apologize To The McClain Family For Retweeting Their Address. It Was A Mistake. Please Leave The McClain's In Peace. Justice In Court

So yes, for everybody who was wondering if he would, Spike Lee "did the right thing." (Sorry, had to do it.)

Wish I could say the same for a lot of other people with Twitter accounts.

Because if there's anybody out there who doubts the existence of racism in today's world, the hateful disgusting tweets on Spike Lee's page are proof.


They tweets themselves are too terrible and offensive to repeat here. Suffice it to say the "N" word is used quite liberally, as is the suggestion that Trayvon Martin "deserved" to be shot by George Zimmerman.

Which is exactly why Lee did the right thing (sorry! I'll stop now!) by retweeting every vicious tweet left on his page. By way of explanation, he wrote this tweet:

People, The Thinking Behind Me Retweeting These Insane Racist Rants Is Because This Sickness Must Be Exposed. USA Post Racial Society?????????

Lee is absolutely correct: This sickness called racism must be exposed. Because what happens when we deny the very existence of this sickness, this plague?

Kids like Trayvon Martin get killed, that's what happens.

Do you agree that the sickness of racism in this country must be exposed?

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