Real-Life ‘Batman’ Was Pulled Over & Turns Out to Be a True Superhero

batman pulled overBatman was pulled over in Maryland last week. Police stopped the super hero at a stoplight for not having any license plates on his car, and photos of the encounter soon went viral. But today we've found out who the man behind the mask is and what the hell he's doing dressed like Batman, driving around in a black Lamborghini. I know it sounds like this guy would have quite the ego, but it's actually just the opposite. Lenny B. Robinson, a 48-year-old self made multi-millionaire, is a real-life comic book character for the best reason ever. He's helping sick children. Holy humanitarianism, Batman!

Robinson visits hospitals in the Washington, DC area to cheer up children with cancer. His Batman get-up is a huge hit, and so are the gifts he brings that he's paid for with his own money. To put it simply, Batman and Robinson rock!


Fictional Batman was a boon to Gotham city, and Robinson as Batman is a great gift to the nation's capital. It's inspiring to read about a person selflessly giving back to others, no matter how rich, or how costumed they are. The fact that this guy goes above and beyond and dons a full-on, $5,000 Batman suit for his charity work seems even cooler. He explained to the Washington Post that it helps him get into the giving spirit:

Eventually, it sinks in and you become him. It feels like I have a responsibility that’s beyond a normal person. And that responsibility is to be there for the kids, to be strong for them, and to make them smile as much as I can.

Robinson spends about $25,000 on Batman-themed gifts for the kids and his $250,000 custom-made Batmobile is being built. He may be a bit obsessive, but it's for a good cause. You may not have to be a super hero to help out, but hey, it doesn't hurt.

What do you think of Batman and Robinson?


Photo via lil bear/Flickr


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