Pedophile Taken Down by Amazing 10-Year-Old & Her Video Game Console!

John FisherVideo game haters, listen up. It all ends today. Because a little girl in England has reminded the world that the police need all the help they can get to put the sickos who prey on little kids behind bars, and that includes smart as a whip 10-year-olds armed with nothing more than a Nintendo DSi.

Police are calling one 10-year-old smarty pants in particular a hero after she grabbed her game console and snapped photos of (now convicted) pedophile John Fisher as he tried to molest her. And just wait until you hear what happened next ... you'll be hitting up your local electronics store and buying out the video game console section and handing them out to every kid in the neighborhood!


Fisher denied he attacked the girl (of course), even though he'd done it twice -- once when she was 9 and again at 10. But when the cops showed him the photos from the game console, he had to fess up not only to hurting this poor kid but to his attraction to tween girls. Score! The grandfather (shudder) is now in jail, listed on a sex offender registry, and has been forbidden from spending time around kids ... all because this one girl had her wits about her and protected herself.

It's a big win for the good guys. But it's sad that this is the way it has to go down, isn't it? That in order for a pedophile to be pulled off the streets, we had to depend on a 10-year-old? That a girl had to be hurt by a family friend ... and figure out how to protect herself?

Even before I had a kid of my own, I always had an uneasy feeling knowing that there are creeps out there who want nothing more than to get hold of kids and do bad things to them. Living in society with these creeps is unsettling, and it gets downright terrifying when you actually bring a kid into the world. But what's scarier still is knowing that these sickos can't actually be locked away until they've done something. The police need evidence of their depraved ways in order to make a move and get them off the streets.

This child is a hero several times over: for surviving molestation (twice!), for having the presence of mind to fight back, and for potentially saving countless other kids from the threat of John Fisher. All it takes is that one child who fights back to change the lives of many. And thank goodness this one is a fighter!

Have you encountered one of these creeps in your community? What has been done to keep them away from kids?

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