CafeMom Goes to the White House (VIDEO)

White House Round Table DiscussionWith the Supreme Court hearing arguments this week about the constitutionality of the new health care law, it has shot to the forefront of the national conversation -- and will probably stay there in the months to come.

Anticipating this focus, the Obama administration has been working overtime to convince voters that its sweeping health care reforms are helping millions of Americans. As part of this effort, CafeMom was invited last week to attend a round table discussion about the new law at the White House.

Check out our video of the experience after the jump, and see what else Obama's camp is doing to promote the new law.


In the interest of fairness, we also spent time during our D.C. visit with a noted economist who opposes the new health care law -- and we'll have that story for you later on this week.

This video, though, gives you a good inside look at the Obama administration's side of the story:

I did a comprehensive story on the health care law for Moms Matter a few weeks ago, so I've read a LOT about the ins and outs of the law. For that reason, not much came out of that meeting that I hadn't heard or read before. The statistics given to us by Deputy Chief of Staff Nancy-Ann DeParle and Deputy Assistant to the President for Health Policy Jeanne Lambrew are detailed in this post, which I wrote shortly after returning from the White House.

What I liked most about the meeting was getting the chance to know two of the key crafters of the law as real people -- Reading news reports about the law, it's easy to become jaded and skeptical about the law, and to view the people behind it as schemers who are looking out for their own interests.

Watching DeParle and Lambrew passionately defend their new law, though, and realizing that they've literally devoted their lives to making it happen, I walked away from that meeting knowing that, whether right or wrong, the people behind it truly believe they are fighting for a cause that will make life better for Americans.

And while, in true moderate fashion, I'm personally on the fence about the law and wondering whether it really can deliver on all these promises without raising the deficit, raising our premiums, and driving doctors out of business, I did appreciate learning that two of the chief people behind it clearly believe down to their cores that it will benefit the American people.

Beyond this meeting, the Obama campaign is working hard to put a positive spin on the law with a flurry of videos like this one, about a young girl born with half a heart, who reached her lifetime cap on insurance before she was 6 months old:

The campaign also has an interactive website that shows you how the health care law can help you personally, which is well designed and worth checking out.

So-- Now you've seen President Obama's side of the story. Stay tuned to hear a passionate argument from the other side, one that's sure to get you thinking.

In the meantime, what are your thoughts about the health care law?

Image via the White House


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