Single Vermont Mom Found Dead After Vanishing in Front of Her Toddler

car seatMelissa Jenkins was a 33-year-old single mother who, by all accounts, only wanted to help people. She taught at St. Johnsbury Academy, was a dorm proctor at the school, and loved her 2-year-old son more than anything in the world. Now, she is dead, allegedly murdered under very mysterious circumstances.

This case is tragic for so many reasons. Obviously, at its heart, there is the little boy she leaves behind who will now never know his mother. But there is also the fact that it all happened in a small town where everybody knows everybody and things like this just don't happen. And there is an alleged killer still at large and police are saying they don't know if he or she will strike again.

It's all sickening and tragic. But it's the little boy I can't stop thinking about.


Jenkins' car was found running with signs of a struggle. Later, her body was recovered in a wooded area. But perhaps most chilling to moms of babies and young toddlers, her little boy was left alone in the car, scared and wondering where his mommy went.

It's almost too much to bear.

What could she have been thinking as she struggled with whomever did this? As a mom, one has to assume the only thing on her mind was the safety of her child.

It's every mom's worst nightmare to lose control or not be able to stop someone from harming her or her child. We would all do anything to protect our babies, so maybe the worst part is knowing that no matter how kind and good you are, no matter how much you dedicate your life to your own child and other people's children, bad things can happen to you.

Stories like these break every mother's heart and they should. We can all relate. We can all imagine what she must have felt.

My heart goes out to her family and to all the people who loved her. But mostly, I think about her little boy and I hope he is safe now. This is an unimaginable tragedy.

Can you imagine if something like this happened to you?


Image via BrentDPayne/Flickr

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