US vs. Canada in Tug-of-War: Guess Which Soldier Wins! (VIDEO)

soldier tug of warI don't know about you, but I'm pretty darn glad that the United States and Canada are more or less BFFs. If America's hat gets mad at us, can you imagine the new cold war (get it, losing our hat? OK, bad blogger pun, moving on ... )? Well, get ready! An American soldier and a Canadian soldier had faced off in a tug of war that's gone viral on YouTube and created a friendly rivalry between the two countries. 

Don't worry, it was all for fun. Justin Bieber and Alex Trebek don't have to hightail it for home now, eh. The guys from the 31 Canadian Brigade Group saw a bunch of American National guardsmen challenging one another at Camp Atterbury in Indiana, and they threw one of their guys in to see how he could do. Any guesses who won? We won't spoil it! Grab your flags, hoist 'em high, and take a look:


Heads up, our National Guardsman is on the right in his Army uniform, while Canadian soldier Master Corporal John Celestino of the Windsor Regiment is to the left.

Aww man! What a heartbreaker! I was rooting for the red, white, and blue the whole way, and the National Guardsman certainly put up the good fight.

And in the spirit of friendly relations between our two nations, allow me to doff my (non-existent) cap to Master Corporal Celestino and congratulate him on his win. He won fair and square, and that handshake/hug combo at the end was classy.

But I still want to know when we get the rematch! This is the kind of USA vs. Canada "war" that I could get into seeing again!

How about you? Were you on the edge of your seat?



Image via 31CanadianBrigade/YouTube

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