Herman Cain Exploits Rabbit & Little Girl in Shockingly Violent Ad (VIDEO)

little girl and man shoot rabbit herman cain adFormer Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain may have dropped out of the 2012 election, but he refuses to go quietly into the night. The guy seems to be pulling a Sarah Palin, stepping down as a candidate, only to turn into a vocal pundit. Not sure if he intends on backing anyone who is actually running right now, but he still wants to stir the pot. Take his most recent ad.

He actually uses a little girl, a bunny, and a GUN to make some kind of point about government stimulus plans and taxes on small businesses.


Check it out, but warning: There's definitely some gore, and it's guaranteed to make you cringe.


What ... the ... hell was that, right?! Even people who are with Cain on politics and think that government is strangling small business (despite the Senate Democrats' recent introduction of tax breaks for small-business owners) will have to agree that this video does absolutely nothing to further the conversation. And as if exploiting a cute little girl to create a violent, gruesome metaphor wasn't bad enough, the clip is totally baffling. What exactly is Cain trying to say? Why did he have to resort to simulated animal abuse to make that point? It's all just beyond comprehension.

But you know what? Maybe that's what he was going for -- shock and confusion! After all, that seems to be the Republican M.O. these days. Why should a "message" from an ex-candidate (who belongs only in yesterday's news) be any different? 

What do you make of this video?

Image via CainConnections/YouTube

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