'October Baby' Won't Make Anyone Become Pro-Life (VIDEO)

The new film October Baby tells the decidedly "pro-life" story of a young woman played by Rachel Hendrix who is an "abortion survivor" whose parents adopted her after a botched abortion. Billed as a coming of age story, the movie is only being released to limited audiences in places where it might get a decent reception. So how does it expect to change minds on the issue of abortion?

In a couple words: It won't.

This movie will never reach anyone but those who already believe in its crazy, convoluted, totally unrealistic premise. See the preview below:


It almost looks watchable, except when you factor in the utterly absurd premise. As Salon says so eloquently in their review of the film: 

So while the bizarre circumstances found in October Baby presumably could happen in the real world, the odds are something like being struck by lightning and eaten by a shark at the same time. With a winning lottery ticket tucked in your swimsuit.

It isn't very likely. And yet, the anti-choice side would like us to believe that there are dozens of women just like this one who are wandering about lost because of a botched abortion.

Even as a piece of film making, this notion is absurd and unwatchable. But politically, it's downright dangerous. It's propaganda.

But so what? No one who considers themselves remotely well educated on the facts about abortion will see this film. Sure, it may rile some up, but they are already riled about the issues anyway. This film isn't going to change any minds or do anything other than be mocked for bad acting and an equally silly plot.

Women are under fire in so many ways today from the right wing. It's no surprise that a film like this would be released now. We ladies are supposed to be obedient, right? We aren't supposed to make choices for our own destiny or to further our own careers and lives. Our bodies are merely fodder for public debate and policy.

Do you see how irrational this is?

In the end, this film is a work of fiction. Its premise is as absurd as one about aliens from another planet who disguise themselves on Earth as robots. And in the end, the films will likely have the same type of audience. People who want to be moved and taken out of reality for two hours will be satisfied.

Everyone else won't see it at all. How many minds will it change? My guess: None.

Do you want to see this?


Image via Mytrailerisrich/YouTube

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