Obama's Empty Rhetoric on Gas Prices Won't Help Fill Our Tanks or the Ballot Box

"I won't have to worry about putting gas in my car," said Peggy Joseph, an Obama supporter, in 2008.


I suspect she didn't realize we wouldn't have to worry about it because we wouldn't be able to afford to fill our gas tanks under an Obama administration. The press is busily trying to cover for President Obama; high gas prices are only the fault of a President if his last name is Bush, evidently. Dissent was patriotic when a Republican was president, now it's racist. And gas prices, much much lower at the time, were the fault of the evil BusHitler regime but crushingly high gas prices under President Obama are someone else's fault, natch.

Reality begs to differ, though. When President Obama took office, the average gas price was $1.85 per gallon. It's now up to $3.87 per gallon and the rise shows no signs of stopping. 



If you have the stomach for it, take a quick gander at this handy chart that will show you exactly how much you paid to fill your tank in January of 2009 and how much you are paying now. But, then, that was always the plan and Obama's feigned concern today is due to his re-election hopes (and change!) only. His own Secretary of Energy admitted as much when he said in 2008 that gas prices here should be as high as they are in Europe. High gas prices provide an incentive for 'green' energy, supposedly, and that agenda is more important than your financial well-being to the Obama administration. They know what's best for you; being able to afford to get to work be damned! 

If President Obama really cared about lowering the crushing cost of gas -- and by extension nearly every other item one must purchase to provide for their family -- and not just his re-election campaign he could, as President, do things to help. Keystone pipeline, anyone? And perhaps stop threatening the energy industry with windfall taxes and creating uncertainty by claiming you can decide how much profit is too much profit?

He could also stop putting forth economy-killing and value of the dollar-destroying policies. The devalued dollar makes the price of everything higher. Never mind the price of arugula, have you seen the price of milk and coffee today? 

Mitt Romney has called for President Obama to fire his "gas hike trio." That's a start. Newt Gingrich has offered ideas to lower gas prices, also a start. What has President Obama said? Obama mocked Gingrich's promise, saying:

They start acting like they've got a magic wand and will give you cheap gas forever if you elect us.


That magic wand stuff was totally okay when your supporters, like Peggy Joseph, were predicting a magic wand full of "free" gas.

Gas prices rightfully will play a huge role in this next election. People are hurting. They can't afford to fill their gas tanks to get to work, if they are lucky enough to have work in this sky-high unemployment economy under President Obama. The gas prices and devalued dollar are affecting everything, including the groceries they must buy to provide for and nourish their children.

So, my idea for lowering gas prices? I can see November from my car. And it entails a pink slip for President Obama.

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