Dick Cheney Heart Transplant Hate Tweets That Say 'Get Better Soon!'

Dick Cheney hate tweet

Can't a once influential and but now largely irrelevant Republican go in and have a heart transplant without Twitter blowing up anymore? Nope, especially when you are the polarizing, controverisal former vice president Dick Cheney. Cheney would not be able to have an ingrown toenail removed without the entire Webiverse jumping on the chance to come up with some pithy hate tweets about the man. I mean Dick Cheney + New Heart ... the joke possibilities are almost overwhelming here.


Cheney, 71, has a history of heart attacks, suffers heart disease and had previous surgery for a pacemaker. He had the transplant yesterday and is recovering nicely at Inova Fairfax Hospital in Falls Church, Virginia. Sorry, folks, looks like the transplant went just fine.

The irony of all this is, as much as the haters are on Cheney again, they really, really want the transplant to succeed because if he wasn't around anymore, they wouldn't be able to Tweet gems like this:

I hate to kill the boners of young girls all over the world but if there IS a vampire on earth it's not Robert Pattinson. It's Dick Cheney. @JenKirkman

I feel sorry for the rest of Dick Cheney's organs. They were all packed to leave. @kirkfox

Organ donor cards should have a box that reads "unless it's Dick Cheney." @dgardner

Dick Cheney gets heart. Bush to meet The Wizard about brain this afternoon. @AralBalkin

And the list goes on ...

Do these tweets cross the line at all? Even if you hate a guy and his politics, is this is really bad taste?

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