Has Jerry Sandusky's Lawyer Found a Way to Clear Him of Sex Abuse Charges?

jerry sanduskyJerry Sandusky is back in the headlines -- but this time, not because of anything disgusting he (allegedly) did, because of something disgusting his lawyer, Joseph Amendola, is doing. See, Sandusky and Amendola don't really have much of a case in the trial, because, well, just because. So Amendola is resorting to incredibly sleazy, downright ridiculous tactics to protect his client. How this man sleeps at night is beyond me.


Sandusky's lawyer would like the judge to dismiss all 52 sex-abuse counts against the former Penn State assistant football coach, claiming that some counts aren't specific enough, others are lacking evidence, and the statute of limitations may have run out regarding 8 of the 10 alleged victims. Amendola is claiming that the charges related to the boy named "Victim 2" should be thrown out because prosecutors have said his identity isn't known, and they're basing their case on Mike McQueary, who said he witnessed the victim being attacked by Sandusky in a football team shower in 2002. Amendola feels that McQueary "did not establish sufficient evidence to support these charges." The lawyer also is seeking a delay on the trial, which as of now is set to start on May 14, saying he needs more time to prepare a defense.

In a word: Gross. All of these legal technicalities make it seem like, to me at least, that Amendola is defending a guilty man, and this is all he's got -- litigious mumbo-jumbo.

It both amazes me and doesn't that someone is willing to defend Jerry Sandusky -- a man who's being accused of some of the most heinous crimes in recent history. How can anyone want to protect him? Even for an incredibly large amount of money. Is nothing sacred? Are morals bought that easily?

A spokesman for the state attorney general's office said Amendola's requests are currently under review, and prosecutors planned to respond in writing within a week. Hopefully they'll respond with the right answer: Oh, hell no. Because this is insane.

I mean, seriously, how ridiculous is this?

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