Ducklings Waddle to White House & Turn Guards to Mush With Fluffy Cuteness (VIDEO)

ducklingsAwww! If you've got a copy of Make Way for Ducklings on your bookshelf, you'll love this story. Basically, it's as if the classic picture book came to life -- except throw a couple of Secret Service agents into the mix. 

Guess the guards were having a slow day (which is probably good news for all of us), because when a mother duck and her eight babies trying to cross the White House lawn got into some trouble, the agents jumped right in to help. So cute. Oh lord, so cute.


Problem was, the mother duck overestimated her babies' barrier-jumping abilities. Well, either that or she was trying to escape for a few minutes. Eight kids! I wouldn't blame her.

Either way, the family wasn't separated for long (as you'll see in this clip). Because those little duckies are so stinkin' cute! The guards couldn't resist!!

Just watch ... have you ever seen Secret Service agents do something so adorable?

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Image via abc

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