Woman's Crazy Scheme to Get Out of Jury Duty Backfires in a BIG Way

jury dutyBe honest. When you get that official-looking envelope in the mail, notifying you that you have jury duty, you cringe a little bit. Before you even open it up, you probably roll your eyes a bit, and let out a sigh. "Ugh, I'm going to have to tell my work I can't come in ... Who knows how long this case will go on, etc. etc. etc." Jury duty's a pain. No shame in admitting that. But most of us just suck it up because it's part of our civic duty.

Most of us. Others show up at court in a mismatched outfit, acting like a crazy person to get out of the obligation. And they do! But then they go and brag about the stunt they pulled on a local radio station and the judge who let them out for being "crazy" hears the broadcast and charges them with perjury.

I bet a sigh and an eye-roll are looking pu-retty good right about now.


The woman's name is Susan Cole and she's 57 years old (I know). The day she was scheduled for jury duty, she showed up to court with curlers in her hair, two different shoes, reindeer socks, and a shirt that read, "Ask me about my best seller." She was babbling about and generally acting like, well, a crazy person. A person who definitely wasn't lucid enough to decide someone's fate. So the judge sent her home.

But then -- oh, Susie, why'd you do it? -- a few months later, Susan phoned in to her local radio station to brag about how she had pulled the wool over the judge's eyes. And, crazily enough, it just so happened that at that very moment, that very judge was listening to the broadcast. She's now being charged with perjury in the first degree and attempt to influence a public servant. So she'll be in court again. But not as a juror.

Look, man, I know jury duty's a pain -- I've been there. You have to take off of work for non-fun reasons, etc. But going through such elaborate theatrics to get out of it seems a little extreme. And bragging about it on public airwaves seems a little idiotic. Just suck it up and go. After that, you're good for a few years. And it sure as hell beats jail.

I'd ask you if you've ever done anything to get out of jury duty -- but that's insane! How crazy is this?


Image via zzpza/Flickr

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