Creepy Signs the Mexico Earthquake Is ‘End of the World’ Prophesy (VIDEO)

mexico earthquakeDoes anyone think it's remarkable that in the year 2012, which just happens to be the year the world comes to an end according to the Mayan calendar, Mexico gets hit with a massive earthquake? I mean, that's a sign, right?

According to the not-at-all-paranoid website 2012Discovery, the U.S. government is trying to cover up the large number of earthquakes that have shook Mexico's neighbor, Guatemala. So, you know, it must be true. Anyway, if we look at images from yesterday's earthquake, I think we may get a pretty good idea of what the end of the world will look like!


That's a lot of damage considering Mexico City wasn't even at the epicenter. But why aren't people screaming and running around? It's because they know the big one is coming in December, right? Here's raw footage of more mayhem.

And here's another video with more shots of that bridge collapse and some reports from English-speaking tourists. Again, where are the screaming and panic I was promised? I don't hear babies crying. Where are the crying babies? And the wolves?

Mexicans are acclimated to these earthquakes?!? Well, okay, so apparently the end of the world may turn out to be pretty chill. All joking aside, I'm relieved to hear that no one died or was seriously injured. That's the real miracle of this earthquake. As for whether this is a sign of the end of days, I guess we still have to wait for December.

Have you ever been in an earthquake?


Images via Associated Press/YouTube and mike 23/Flickr

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