John McCain Tells GOP 'Get Off Contraception!' -- Is the Maverick Back?! (VIDEO)

John mCcain on meet the pressWho knew the biggest problem facing Americans right now were contraception and abortion? Who knew we didn't have bigger fish to fry than worrying about how people procreate (or don't)? At least one Republican in Washington! And that would be ... surprise, surprise -- John McCain!

YES! The Maverick is back!!! After turning on women in the worst way possible and unleashing the terror known as Sarah Palin on our country, and after voting for the dreaded Blunt Amendment, McCain was on Meet the Press this past weekend, calling for his GOP colleagues to put an end to the war on women. Incredible!


No sarcasm here. Really, it is incredible. Ol' Mav said:

We need to get off of that [contraception] issue, in my view. I think we ought to respect the right of women to make choices in their lives, and make that clear, and get back on to what the American people really care about: jobs and the economy.

OMG. Clarity! Logic! From the lips of a Congressional conservative?! WOW. Hmm, side note: I wonder if Meghan McCain's closet liberal POV is rubbin' off on dear old dad?

Sadly, his colleagues may call him all sorts of names for it, including the across-the-board abhorred "flip-flopper" (gaaaaaaaah), but do you think the old guy cares? Hells no. He's never played it safe. (As we can plainly see from Exhibit A: He made the WORST VP candidate choice in the history of the USA.) But at least in this case, his "risky" move, calling his fellow right-sters out on their nonsense is just about the most lucid, levelheaded, and -- dare I say -- awesome moves he's made in a great while.

And yes, I know I am a "staunch Democrat," but this isn't about party politics. It never should have been. It's about priorities, people. McCain's just trying to shift his colleagues' perspectives back to the heart of what Americans want and need. Any politician who aims to do that -- Republican or Democrat -- is alright by me.

Here's the full interview, so you can see the Mav in action ...

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What do you think about John McCain's remarks? Do you think it's time to "get off" the birth control/abortion debate and back into what really matters?


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