Stalker in Stockings at Large: No Undies & He Wants a Brazilian Bikini Wax

blue pantyhose
NOT the stalker.
We're always hearing that there's something out there that does it for everybody, and no story illustrates that sentiment better than this one. A man has been seen -- multiple times -- in the Oakland County-area of Michigan wearing sheer pantyhose and nothing underneath. In layman's terms, yes, he's been exposing his junk to innocent bystanders. Weird? Yes. But weirder: His latest incident involved him going into a perfectly nice salon and requesting a Brazilian bikini wax.

I mean, yeah, summer is around the corner. But still. Nasty.


Apparently the man, who's been described as being in his 50s or 60s, walked into a spa called Salon Bliss in Rochester Hills in blue mantyhose (again, no undies), a gray t-shirt, and a baseball cap, and asked about having the treatment done. According to the Oakland County Sheriff's Office, "The man walked to both sides of the counter, apparently so that everyone could clearly see him." And about an hour before showing up to that salon, a man was spotted wearing similar attire in another area close by. One can only assume it's the same guy. If not, Michigan's one weird state.

When you work for a blog that reports on weird and wacky news stories from across the world, you think you've heard it all. Been there, done that, right? But then a bikini wax-loving, pantyhose-wearing man comes out of the woodwork. And he proves that, darlin', you haven't even scratched the tip of the super freaky iceberg. Respect.

Um ... man in stockings wanting a Brazilian. Discuss.


Image via hoisery_advocate/Flickr

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