Amelia Earhart Mystery Could Be Solved at Last Thanks to Hillary Clinton

kiribati in the south pacific
Kiribati in the South Pacific
It's not like there haven't been plenty of attempts made to find Amelia Earhart's Lockheed Electra plane in the 75 years since she vanished with her navigator over the South Pacific. So I can understand why some people are like, "Really? The State Department is backing a whole new search? What's the point?" But I have reason to believe the mystery of Earhart's disappearance is actually going to get solved this time.

And that reason is Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. Oh yeah! Makes sense, right? Who better to find one of the most notable women of the 20th century than one of the other most notable women of the 20th century?


The former First Lady is meeting today with historians and scientists from The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery to talk about the project, which kicks off on June 2 (the 75th anniversary of Earhart's doomed departure). Search teams will focus on the area around the island of Nikumaroro in the Pacific nation of Kiribati; a recently discovered photo taken a few months after Earhart disappeared shows what could be part of her plane's landing gear in the water there.

I just feel like if anybody is ever going to figure this thing out, it's got to be Hillary Clinton. No way she's going to let the legacy of an American hero  -- a female American hero -- remain lost forever! And how appropriate that this should all come together during Women's History Month ...

Do you think Hillary Clinton will make sure the case of Amelia Earhart is solved once and for all?


Image via Luigi Guarino/Flickr

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