‘Will the Real Mitt Romney Please Stand Up?’ Is the Hilarious Parody This Election Needs (VIDEO)

Mitt RomneyMitt Romney is many things. Likely Republican candidate for the presidency. One-time governor of Massachusetts. Star of the funniest viral video to hit the interwebs since, well, ever. Wait, what?

Famous (on the Internet anyway) video creator Hugh Atkin has struck again with Will the Real Mitt Romney Please Stand Up, mashing ol' stodgy and staid Mitt with Eminem's catchy hit for a political parody that manages to hit on all the hot buttons without bashing us over the head with a flip flop (he leaves that to Romney). Can I have your attention please!?


By the way, before we get into it, a warning that it sounds like Mitt says masturbating. As much as that would make this video truly hilarious, he's not. That would be "mass debating," you perv, making this totally safe for work. And action!

OK, be honest folks, even if you're a Mitt Romney fan ... it was clever! If you've already accepted the guy's faux pas, this video wasn't going to change your mind anyway, but you should be able to accept that the video was an ingenious way to inject some levity into this dreary campaign season.

And if you're not a fan? Well, let's hear it for zinging Mitt Romney! How loud was the guffaw at "my dog is on the roof, my dog is on the roof ..."? Go ahead, give me a number between one and the number of people Romney has enjoyed firing (zing!).

Atkin has the text of each snippet on YouTube if you want to check it out. What was your favorite part?


Image via Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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