Jewish School Shooting in France Yet Another Tragedy That Will Never 'Make Sense' (VIDEO)

jewish school shootingUnder no circumstances could something as tragic as a school shooting be said to "make sense." There's never an acceptable answer to the question: Why? That's especially true, however, of the Jewish school shooting in France that left 3 children and a 30-year-old rabbi dead today.

Apparently the shooting, which took place in Toulouse, has been linked by ballistics experts to the murders earlier this month of three ethnic north African French paratroopers in the same area. But there are no other apparent connections between these dots: "Jewish," "ethnic minority" and "military." 

Naturally this mystery needs to be solved, and fast, before more innocent people die. Sadly, though, even if authorities are able to piece together a motive and catch the killer, these crimes will never make sense. They just never do.


Comparisons are being drawn between today's incident and the Columbine killings. The motive behind Columbine wasn't a mystery for long, but did it ever make sense? No. Just like the recent Ohio high school shootings will never make sense, even though we have some understanding of what led T.J. Lane to allegedly go on that deadly rampage.

And the details we have to go on are nothing short of horrific: Apparently the shooter arrived and fled from the Ozar Hatorah school on a scooter or a motorcycle and "shot at everything he could see." According to someone who saw closed-circuit television footage of the attack, the killer was seen "running after children" before catching up with them and shooting one in the head.

When something this unspeakably awful happens, it's not just the event that doesn't make sense, it's life in general. The human experience. Every time something like this happens, we get yet another painful reminder: The world does not make sense. As a mom, that terrifies me more than I can possibly express.

Do you think it's possible to make sense of horrible tragedies like this one? How do we sleep at night if we can't?

Image via cbsnews

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