Celebrity Bunny Accidentally Killed at His Own Press Conference

earless bunny
Not Tiny Til.
An adorable earless bunny name Tiny Til was going to be the star of the zoo in Germany. When he was born, zookeepers were amazed by his rare condition and knew that Til would be a celebrity of sorts. I mean, it's not every day you come across a baby bunny rabbit without ears, now is it. So the small zoo in Saxony decided to show off their prized, 17-day-old Til to the world with a press conference, and invited media and news sources to cover the momentous announcement. Then tragedy struck.

Tiny Til, who was just doing some casual burying in some hay, was stepped on and instantly killed by an unsuspecting cameraman. Vets affirm Til didn't suffer under the brutal sneaker -- they say "it was a direct hit."


Up until this weekend, Til had been called one of the cutest rarities in the world, but now he's being laid to rest. I don't know if this pygmy jerboa is still alive, but if he too has passed on, I bet Til and he would have a lot of fun together up in cute animal heaven. They could bounce all day on the clouds, munch on baby carrots, and take naps in the most glorious piles of sawdust you've ever seen.

Losing Til was a sad, sad day. Sources say that the cameraman was distraught and that the zookeepers were in tears, and I believe it. I'm sure it was a horrifying realization that Til had been crushed to death by one of the people on hand to film his triumphant debut.

Our hearts go out to Til and his keepers. This is certainly sole crushing news. (Too soon?) No but seriously, rest in peace, little buddy. You'll be missed.

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Photo via Tomi Tapio/Flickr

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