The Obama Documentary Tells the Truth About Our President

It’s no secret that I love my President. President Obama’s accomplishments have been unrecognized by many who simply want to sully his name. His opponents are more interested in defeating him than helping Americans. And so the divide grows, turning America into a red and blue chasm.

Obama’s opponents are slow to give him credit but easily place blame. They have a lot of lies to tell and even more hateful words. But there is no denying that our President has had a positive impact on our country.


Let us not underestimate what Obama has accomplished. Do the following names ring a bell?

These are all examples of Obama's work. Obama has affected change in all facets of Americans' lives -- the economy, the auto industry, health care, student loans, air quality, children's health, education, foreign relations. The list continues. To say this President has done more harm than good is simply false and spoken with more emotional rhetoric than hard facts.

The Obama campaign’s recent 17-minute documentary style film will be quick to be called propaganda by some. I see it as a truthful depiction of his accomplishments.

His naysayers will not embrace or applaud what he has done, even if those actions help them. The dissenting opinion is against the man, not his actions, and no amount of storytelling will change that. I appreciate that the film is shot with a cast of characters speaking directly to the camera and not a series of speech sound bites woven together to spin a tale.

The film is professional without being glitzy. I can appreciate the difficult, and sometimes unpopular, decisions that our President has made. The film opened my eyes to his contributions, not just his character.

When I watched the short film I found myself in awe at what our President has done in his first term, despite the climate in which he took office. The film gives kudos to a presidency worth applauding, but the message will be lost on those audiences whose opinions need to be swayed. And that is simply unfortunate.

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