First Day of Spring: 5 Reasons to Celebrate

springStop Googling when the first day of spring is. I'll just tell you. It's March 20 ... which is tomorrow! Ahhh!!! You guys, we made it. We survived the God-forsaken relatively mild winter; we clawed our way to daylight savings; and we came out on the other (brighter, sunnier) side stronger people. We have tales to tell, war wounds to show. I say we have a drink to celebrate. I'm thinking something spring-ish -- a mojito or a pina colada. No, yeah, you're right, pina coladas in March are ri-god-damn-diculous. How about an ice cold beer? Maybe some chips and salsa on the side for good measure?

Oh, don't look at me funny. Spring is officially here tomorrow, people. That is more than cause for merrymaking. So, let's. And if you really feel weird about ingesting alcohol for merely living from one season to the next, here are other reasons to crack a cold one. In fact, here are five reasons to celebrate the first day of spring. Owwww!


1. Punxsutawney Phil has officially been exposed for the fraud that he is. We had our suspicions -- hell, we even expressed 'em -- but now it's official: Groundhog Day is a bunch of pointless bull-honky, and we needn't disturb a poor little bugger from his hibernation in order to placate inquiring minds. This year, on February 2, Phil predicted that we'd have six more weeks of winter. Not sure what his definition of "winter" is, but for the majority of the country, the last two weeks of mild temperatures don't really constitute "winter." So. Yeah. 

2. It actually looks like spring. (For most of us ... my heart goes out to you folks in the Seattle area.) If my memory serves me correct, last year at this time, we were all bundled up like burritos, freezing our asses off, balking at the fact that it was "spring." Not this year. In fact, I may just go eat a burrito outside for lunch today. 'Cause I can. (Line at Chipotle permitting.)

3. It's only going to get better from here. Okay, maybe I have a false sense of hope right now. It's quite possible that next week the NYC area will be bombarded with a blast of snow. And it'll suck. But. It's spring. And the season after spring is summer. And blasts of snow never happen in the summer. So, there's that.

4. Three words: Lawn mower racing.

5. Tomorrow, we will be the furthest possible point away from winter. Winter 2012 starts Friday, December 21. For real. I just Googled. That's 39 weeks and three days away. After tomorrow, we'll only be inching closer. So, celebrate while you can!

How pumped are you for spring?


Image via promanex/Flickr

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