Injured Puppy Rescue: Another Reason to Adore Our American Soldiers! (VIDEO)

polly bravoPolly BravoAs if these guys weren't already heroes! Our soldiers in Afghanistan are looking out for all creatures great and small ... especially little white puppies. Abandoned little white puppies, aimlessly roaming the war-torn streets. Injured, abandoned little white puppies.

Like the pup known as Polly Bravo. His neck was bleeding and infected from a too-tight collar embedded in his fur when several soldiers out doing security patrol spotted him wandering up and down the road.

This is the truly amazing part. I can't imagine what those soldiers have to deal with on a daily basis. Security patrol? I'm sure the last thing they're looking out for during patrol is a puppy. Even an adorable, injured puppy like Polly Bravo. But they still made the time to rescue the little dog and find him a new home.

Good thing the soliders knew just who to call ...


The Virginia-based Afghan Stray Animal League, an incredibly awesome non-profit that hooks up stray animals in Afghanistan with potential pet owners here in the U.S. (Is that the best idea ever, or what?)

And, not surprisingly, they found the perfect match for Polly Bravo in Emily Jeter of Alexandria, Virginia. Jeter picked Polly Bravo up at the airport last week (the pooch flew 8,000 miles to his new home) Awww!

He looks so happy and fluffy with his new owner. (Especially when you see the footage of how skinny and dirty and bloody he was when the soldiers found him!)

Would you adopt a soldier-rescued puppy from Afghanistan?

Image via huffington post

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