Testimony in Tori Stafford Murder Trial Reveals the Ugly Secret Behind Females Who Kill

lost shoeEight-year-old Victoria Stafford was walking home from school alone for the first time ever. According to testimony, a couple stopped her and asked if she'd like to see their Shih Tzu puppy. That afternoon, Tori (as she was known by family and friends) disappeared. She wasn't seen again until her body was found buried under rocks 103 days later.

The details of Tori's rape and murder are heartbreaking and horrific. And one of the most disappointing details is that a woman took part in the crimes. We're (unfortunately) all too accustomed to hearing about attacks by men. But when the crime is committed by a woman -- somehow that's even more awful.


Is it the sense of betrayal? Do we expect some sort of sympathy or sisterhood from other women? Terri-Lynne McClintic testified in court that she helped her (now) ex-boyfriend, Michael Rafferty, lure Tori to their car -- knowing full well what he planned to do. She says she stood outside the car while he allegedly raped the girl (Rafferty has been charged with sexual assault, but not convicted). Afterward, she says she took Tori to the bathroom. "Don't let him do that do me again," Tori pleaded. But Terri-Lynne brought Tori back for a second assault. 

Terri-Lynne then testified that Tori's cries during the second assault brought back memories of her own past trauma (which she did no describe) and filled her with rage. But instead of attacking Michael and releasing Tori, she attacked the little girl. She testified that she put a plastic bag over her head, kicked her, and bludgeoned her head with a hammer.

Terri-Lynne is serving a life sentence for the murder of Tori Stafford. Now her ex-boyfriend is on trial for Tori's abduction, rape, and murder. Terri-Lynne admits she was willing to take the fall for Tori's horrific murder.

Why? She says she "badly wanted to meet a good man." After the murder, when video of her in the vicinity of the murder surfaced, she told Michael that she was "just an 18-year-old junkie anyway," while he was a grown man with a job. "You'll do anything for a bit of love, eh?" Michael allegedly told his girlfriend, and said that he looked forward to their conjugal visits in prison.

It makes me sick that a woman would throw away two lives just for "a bit of love" -- for what appears to be a very hateful, dangerous man (hardly a "good man"). It's sad that Terri-Lynne didn't value her life and Tori's life more than that. This whole story is so horrific and tragic it's hard to say what part of it is worst. But at the center of it all is a woman who saw herself, and another human being, as worthless.


Have you ever done anything self-destructive or hurtful just to keep a man in your life?


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