Man Busted for Hiding Lottery Pool Winnings From Coworkers -- Ha. Ha. Ha.

lotteryWinning the lottery: It's what happens when people stop being polite. And start getting real. Okay, so this dude, Americo Lopes -- you may have heard of him -- won the lottery. And won it big. He cashed in at around $38.5 million. Shortly after, he quit his job as a construction worker (duh). But said the reason was because he had to have foot surgery. (Hmm ...)

Turns out, Americo didn't come clean with the real reason he was quitting because the almost $40 million jackpot he claimed was bought with his co-workers as a group ticket. (I know ...)

But don't worry. Justice was served. They -- and Americo -- all got what they deserved.


The five construction workers sued Lopes two years ago -- and since the case has been going on, Lopes hasn't been able to touch his money. However, a decision was recently reached, and guess what? Good has been restored in the world! For now! Lopes was ordered to pay his former friends $20 million of the $24 million he received after taxes.

Throughout the trial, Lopes stuck to the (ridiculous) story that he had bought a ticket for himself the same time he was buying tickets for the group. He also testified that his co-workers -- who he went in on lottery tickets for years -- were, actually, not his friends. Class. Act.

Bottom line, it would suck to be Lopes right now. Despite the fact that, yeah, he's technically still a millionaire, he's not nearly as much of a millionaire as he thought he was. And to top it all off, he's five friends fewer. As he should be.

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Image via Lisa Brewster/Flickr

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