8 Hilarious, Odd & Wild Things Our Commenters Say for Our Second Birthday

We love our commenters in many ways. Each and every day, they come here and make us laugh or get angry or think about our ideas in a new way. Commenters are the ones who bring us the numbers and start the fights that get us all to think.

Our commenters sometimes make us laugh, especially our regular ones. But, of course, we are a public website, so there are many times we get comments from outside, too. Some of our more anonymous comments can be mighty entertaining, indeed.

So, in the spirit of good fun and amusement and in honor of The Stir's second birthday, we give you the "Stuff Our Commenters Say" post. Take them lightly, please! We are always appreciative of anyone who takes the time to comment. Here are 8 of our favorites from the past year:


On a post about my psychic daughter, a man named Manual said:

My neighbor's dog Sam is psychic. He knows who I should kill and who I should let live.

On Lindsay's post about UFO's:

I think it is healthy to be sceptical at first. But again I do not accept all. All jokes aside. Extraterrestrial space craft do land. In Switzerland there is even an ufo Center. I met the guy there in 2006. Not only did he take lots of razor sharp photos of their crafts and landing tracs etc, but he he also flew with them.

On Sheri's post about the dead birds in 2011, a man named Bob said:

We only have one more year on this planet people...so make it a good one ! dec 2012 .. end of biblical and mayan calendar- ...guess what student loans...I'm not paying ya back ! :))

And there was from Virgil on the same post:

Birds were supposedly killed by blunt force trauma essentially means they ran into something. Probably a cloaked alien spaceship. The don't fly high enough for the hail thing, and blunt force pretty much rules out lightening. That leaves some hard object, and we know they would not fly into something they could see. Cloaked Alien Space ship.

Things always get a little crazy when we talk about the apocalypse and the May 21 prediction was no different. Here's what ConcernedCitizen had to say on April's post about Harold Camping's crazy prediction:

Is it just me, or is anyone else seeing an *eerie* resemblance to Mr. Burns in old man Camping's shadow??!

Consider the source! Consider the source! And release the hounds, Smithers!!!!

On Jacque's post about aliens, Zeta Born Human told us:

...I have had things happen my whole life and have been read by several mediums and they see me as one of them (greys) but not too hostile more of a mantis type i feel i am here to help not harm but like most humans ive made choices in life that has hurt others and also myself as a human. its a rough place here and i hope one day soon things change and we really know whats going on and all of us take it to the next level. peace love n light....mantis zeta style.

On my post about the new alien welcoming committee from the UN, a man named Jeff had this to say:

Why is she so qualified for the position? Is she an expert in alien culture? Does she know what kinds of tea they drink? Does she realize that offering them milk and sugar is forbidden in their culture and they will turn us to toast for even asking? Are they here "To Serve Man" as they pull out an alien cookbook? We must know these things before a cultural faux pas destroys humanity!

In Nicole's post about the "ghost" of Pearl Harbor, someone said:

I just thought I was nuts 'cause I see the faces of squids in my the woodgrain of my bathroom door...

Well, then. Thanks to all who stopped by and commented this year. The past year has been so much fun and we can't wait to go another year full of funny comments, insightful ideas, and rousing debates.

Happy birthday to us!

Which comment do you think is funniest?


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