Brown Recluse Spider Bite Almost Costs Woman a Body Part (VIDEO)

There are few things in this world that scare me more than the Brown Recluse spider. The Brown Recluse is a poisonous spider native to the Midwest and the Southwest but because of global warming is said to be moving East. Hold me!

Nikki Perez knows just how deadly this brown spider said to be "shy" can be. She was bitten by one and documented her ordeal as her face swelled up and she nearly lost her sight. And now these little maniacs are on the move? Dear Lord, it's nightmare time.

See Perez's ordeal below:


Can you even imagine?

It started on her ear and then slowly spread until her whole face was swollen beyond recognition. She spent days in the hospital.

As a person with severe arachnophobia, I can't even think about this story without getting slightly light headed. If there's anything more foul and awful, I can't think of it. I am not even sure I will sleep tonight.

The terrifying thing is that Perez was bitten at an airport in the middle of the day! Agh! Most of us fear sleeping at night (or maybe that is just me). I am always convinced a spider will crawl on me in the night and I will not be awake to stop it. Now I need to fear airports in public in the middle of the day? Make it stop.

In all seriousness, I would sooner swim nude with sharks than be near a spider. The Brown Recluse has a tell-tale violin shape on its back that I am sure I will now see in my nightmares and on every bug I see for the next few years. I am crazy like that. Obviously, my heart goes out to Perez and she is very lucky that she survived and will be OK.

But as these spiders march (crawl) into even New York, I am full of fear. How long before they come for me? Noooooooo. Spiders are terrifying any way you cut it, and if I needed one more reason to fear and hate global warming, here it is. Hold me.

Are you afraid of spiders?



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