Rick Santorum Will Regret His Stance on Teleprompters

rick santorumYou know what is going to tear this nation apart? It's not the crushing debt, Iranian nuclear weapons, or childhood obesity -- it's teleprompters. They're downright evil and in some cases, have broken into homes at night and stolen children. One was even caught in an illicit affair with an overhead projector. It goes without saying that teleprompters are the worst, and if candidates like Rick Santorum have anything to say about it, they'd be illegal.

In an off the cuff comment to a group of supporters at a Gulfport restaurant in the primary state of Mississippi, Santorum declared that teleprompters should be outlawed. Outlawed, he says!


See, I always believed that when you run for president of the United States, it should be illegal to read off a teleprompter. Because all you're doing is reading someone else's words to people.

Santorum's focus on the digital speech helper is for obvious reasons -- he wants to tear down Obama and his reputation as a great political orator, and he wants to jab Romney for his reliance on the thing in recent months. Plus, Santorum seems to really likes making things illegal, so condemning a teleprompter seems right up his alley.

But you know what? Hey. Let's get rid of the damn thing. Fine. If Santorum thinks that politicians' teleprompter use is fooling Americans into voting for a facade, then sure, let's ban the stupid thing and see if he's right. If he is, and Obama and Romney are exposed, by Santorum's theory, as terrible leaders who are nothing more than what's written on their teleprompter, who can't string a sentence together, then Rick's point will be made.

If he's wrong, though, well, he might regret that impromptu, unplanned, unwritten comment he made about how teleprompters should be illegal.

What's your take on teleprompters?


Photo via Mario Tapa/Getty

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