Priest Suspended After Refusing Lesbian Communion -- But It's Still Not Okay to Be Gay!

communion stained glass windowMaybe I'm being overly optimistic. Still, I can't help but think it's kind of a big deal that the Catholic priest who denied a lesbian communion (at her own mother's funeral) is getting suspended. Even if the Catholic Church insists they're not suspending him for that particular incident -- according to a letter from an archdiocese official, "Rev. Marcel Guarnizo was placed on leave for engaging in intimidating behavior."

Sure, sure. Whatever you say, guys. Of course the Catholic Church can't admit to suspending a priest specifically for denying a lesbian communion. Given their whole stance on homosexuality and the like. I mean, we can't expect them to come right out and say, "Hey, even we think it's messed up to be mean to a lesbian at her mother's funeral." Can we?

Well, perhaps we can!


I'm convinced Father Guarnizo's suspension is a small (okay, very small) but significant step toward something that might almost resemble progress. Seriously! Especially considering that before they suspended him, the archdiocese actually apologized for the funeral incident.

Honestly, I still can't get over the fact that a priest said the word "lesbian" out loud.

I know, this doesn't even begin to approach the territory of tolerance. But let's say you're looking at a timeline of the history of the Catholic church. On one end you've got the Crusades. Then all the way on the other end you've got a priest getting suspended for being mean to a lesbian!

See, progress! So what if it took hundreds upon hundreds of years?

Who knows, in another eight or nine centuries, the Catholic church might decide to let women become priests!

Why do you think the priest who denied a lesbian communion really got suspended?


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