Flight Attendant Going Crazy May Keep You Off Planes Forever (VIDEO)

Flying has become a terrifying necessity. Between invasive searches, incredibly rude gate attendants and waits longer than the bus ride, passengers on airplanes put up with a lot. But Friday morning, passengers on an American Airlines flight to Chicago got even more than they bargained for when their flight attendant went crazy.

The rant, which was captured on video, allegedly started in Dallas, where the flight originated, when the attendant asked some passengers if they were in Houston. It got worse. Part of the way into the taxi, she got in the intercom and passengers heard: "OK, if you (pilots) don't hear me, then I give up. I'm not responsible if this plane crashes." Yikes. Can you imagine?

She was finally subdued before take off, though not without a fight. See the video below:


Some media outlets are reporting that she is bipolar and that she had not taken her medication. That is unconfirmed, but what is clear is that all the passengers who continued on their flight are braver than me.

The fact is, flying is scary enough. I look to the flight attendants as the ones who should tell ME how to react to things. If she is saying the plane is going to crash, then I am going to believe her. When Flight Attendant Steven Slater had his Jet Blue flip out a couple years ago, we could all relate. We have all been angry at bosses or hated traveling by plane or even fantasized about using that emergency slide. But this is something different.

The airline industry is the one industry in which it is perfectly acceptable to tell a passenger, "I don't need to deal with your shit" (yes, a Delta employee at Logan said this to my sister) and get away with it.

Customer service? What's that? Because of security and all of our heightened fears, the airlines seem to think they can get away with everything.

Some of us have no choice but to fly and so we will put up with these horrible inconveniences. And some might even say it is not American's fault that this attendant did not take her medication. Maybe it's not. But it seems to me that psychological competence is a crucial part of becoming a flight attendant. Imagine if there HAD been an emergency, then what? How could she have helped?

It is not just her, either. The people who check bags are surly, rude and unhelpful about 80 percent of the time. Imagine if people in restaurants acted like that? How long would it be before those restaurants closed down? It is the only industry in which it is perfectly acceptable to be rude, dismissive and downright cruel and not lose your job.

Airlines need to start thinking about their passengers needs more or those of us who feel we have to fly may find a way to stop doing so.

Do you think airlines should screen better?



Image via CBSNewonline/YouTube

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